Internet Speed Test

My internet speed test offers you a simple and easy way to determine just how fast is my internet and how much bandwidth you are actually getting from your Internet Service Provider (ISP). Using our intelligent and unique system powered by the awesome internet speed test, you can test your internet to see if it is fit for purpose in the blink of an eye. This is important because you need to know if your network is running at the optimum speed. You could be trying to download important files that are taking too long, web pages could be taking too long to load, you could even have a new internet connection and it does not feel as fast as it should be. Internet speed tests are very important tools, because they let us know if we are getting the maximum service we can for our money.
Tip: Always use high quality internet modem and router
Tips to get the most accurate results in the internet speed test, do the following before starting the test:
1. Make sure your internet modem is connected to the internet.
2. Disconnect all other devices from the modem so that only this device is connected which will ensure there is no disturbance or internet usage from other devices which might affect the test result.
3. Wait for the test to be over.
Tip: Always use a good anti virus and always keep it updated
Benefits of fast internet speed

Some of us live in an area whereby you cannot go beyond a certain internet speed because of limited communications capabilities in that area. This means that you could be paying for an expensive internet package that you cannot even support – many internet companies will give you the package regardless, and you are not benefiting anywhere near as much as
you can. By using our internet speed test tool you can determine how much value you are getting for your money, and this makes life much easier for you as you can cut back on costs. Having an easy way to test your internet means you can keep an eye on your internet cap and it’s speed, allowing you to decide if your current internet provider is right for you.

1. Get Problems Solved

Every now and then, you can find that your internet speed will be a lot slower than usual – how long does this usually last? If it lasts more than a day (generally how long support would be going on in your area) then you should consider running an internet speed test – you could be losing a lot of your internet power because of a shortage in the area. Sometimes a tap can be put on the internet speed in your area, as a means to solve another area. This means your internet could then be running at 50% capacity without you knowing it. Using our internet speed test tool, you can dictate if you are running at full strength and if not, you can then organise a technician to come and fix the problem!

2. Speed Up Your Business

In the world of business, speed is everything. If you cannot deliver on time, or you keep losing connectivity, it is going to cost you sales in the long term. The internet speed you can run at, could be the difference between that big sale and your competitor picking it up! However, it may not be your fault. The internet in the area could be weakened by a damaged signal or a cut line, meaning you could be missing out on profits for nothing! Remember that if you want to run your business to its maximum capacity, you don’t just need your staff firing on all cylinders, you need your hardware ready too! Run our internet speed test and you can really dictate whether your service needs repairs, rather than paying for technical aid you might not even need.

Upgrade your computer hardware for better internet
Reasons, Analysis and Ways to Fix slow internet speed problems

Internet speed has been a major cause of worry especially for professionals depending on computers and accessories in their regular work field. Over the years, the problem of slow internet speed has been even more problematic for people engaged in online video editing and other such bandwidth intensive work online. One of the major questions in our minds today is ‘why my internet speed is so slow while I have a high speed broadband internet connection’. When people do not get the desired
speed in spite of taking a high speed connectivity subscription, they tend to change their internet service providers very frequently.

If you have a high speed broadband internet connection but you are not satisfied with the speed that you are actually getting or if there is a significant difference between your internet plan speed and your actual speed then you may be experiencing technical issues. Do not worry as there are a lot of ways by which these speed issues can be handled. We are listing below some of the very important tips to increase internet sped:

Old Computers: Old PCs with slow electron transfer rates destroy the performance of the internet connectivity while surfing on the different web pages. Hence, you must upgrade your computer with the latest hardware. You also need to tweak your hardware settings to exploit the internet speed to the maximum.

Incorrect configuration of the modem router.
Tip: Clean up temporary internet files on a regular basis
Old Network Interface card.

Internet bandwidth infected with spyware or malware.

A download activity in the background disturbing the bandwidth.

Internet service provider having problems with routing signals.

Cable Connections: Check all the cables that are getting connected to your modem. Check if the connections to the modem have been made properly and none of them are loose. Also, check if all the cables are healthy or in other words, they are not cut anywhere or they should not be showing any signs of wear and tear / physical damage.

Modem Health: Is your modem healthy? Don’t worry I won’t ask you to put your internet modem in some nutritious soup…Just kidding…What I mean here is that you should check if your modem is old or if it is capable of handling the latest technology that is delivering your internet signals to this modem. If it is too old, try resetting it to factory settings and see if there is any improvement. Also, if you can get a spare modem from someone for a day, try using that modem to see if there is any improvement by changing the modem. If that’s the case, then you need to change your modem at the earliest.
I am personally using the latest D-Link 2750u and I am fully satisfied with its performance. It is amazingly fast and also has the option to use your 3G USB modem as an alternate connection so that in case your regular broadband connection is down or not working, then you can continue using your USB modem.

Number of Users: Are you the only one who is using internet through this connection or you having other people / family who use this connection simultaneously? If yes, then this could be a big reason for slowness in the connection because with multiple users, the internet speed will surely come down for each one of them. So, check if your brother or sister is downloading a movie or a heavy file which is causing the slowdown.

Use a fast internet browser: These days there are a lot of internet browsers available online but as per the study and research Chrome by Google, Internet Explorer by Microsoft and Firefox by Mozilla have been found to be the top performers in terms of surfing speed. You might want to download all these three, give them some surfing test and see which one you
found to be the fastest at your computer. Internet Explorer 10 is awesomely fast and you should give it a try in addition to Google’s Chrome. Make sure you are always using these with the latest updates.

Clean Up Your System: Clear your internet browser’s cookies and other temporary files as they tend to slow down the surfing as proved in the research. You may use one of the free softwares to do this task. I personally use and recommend CCleaner (you can search for it in Google to download). It cleans up the junk, useless and temporary files residing in your computer and makes your computer faster.

Anti Virus Software: Check if your internet traffic is being slowed down by your antivirus software installed in your computer. Check out all the settings and ensure there is no rule which is causing the slowness. This happened with me once when the antivirus software was not getting updated and hence for some reason it was blocking the internet.

Rebooting the modem: Sometimes, the internet connection becomes slow for some reason which is temporary, so try restarting the modem to see if it was a temporary issue.

Changing the DNS: This one is for people who already know what DNS is and how important it is to keep your web connectivity on. By default, our computer considers the DNS as set by our Internet Service Provider (ISP) while we are connected to the internet; however there are times when the DNS of our ISP are having issues which result in web getting inaccessible or slow. Try changing the DNS at your computer level to Google’s DNS which are (Primary) and (Secondary). It has helped me a lot many times when my ISP was having problems with the DNS.

If after following these suggestions, there is no significant improvement in your internet speed, then you should get in touch with your Internet Service Provider (ISP) to resolve the problem at the earliest as it may be an issue well beyond your capability. In addition to these, there may be other technical factors influencing the internet speed as well. Now if you are not sure the extent of slow performance then the internet speed test is the best way to detect the core areas where the problems are highly persistent to evaluate the actual cause of the slow performance. To deal with these problems I frequently test my broadband internet speed and connectivity issues to repair them in the early stage.

Tip: Prefer using wired LAN than using Wifi for better internet speeds
Stages in an internet speed test

The internet speed testing is the best way to find out the accurate problem. Our test tool is most suited for this kind of job. In addition to the test performance we provide our customers with the set of solutions to check through the various units of the PC and its technicalities to detect the problem and eliminate the hassles at an instance. Here are some of the
tests you can perform on your PC to analyze the case properly:

1. Download Test: The download test prepares a detailed report of the internet connection performance while extracting online data. Here the data transfer rate is taken into account.
2. Upload Test: The upload test provides the details of the speed at which the data can be transferred from the PC to any desired location or website.
3. Latency Test: This sort of test measures the difference between the required time for execution of the work and delayed time and produces the time measured in milliseconds.
4. Ping Test: This kind of test will specify the availability of the active internet connection. It also verifies the quality of the broadband connection based on several parameters including voice calling, online game access, and video conferencing and streaming etc.

Our services are not just limited to testing the various aspects of the internet speed performance but also suggest the steps you need to assort to for repairing the portions that create problems. Once the things are repaired you can also perform a troubleshooting for excellent PC performance in future.

Tip: Use anti spyware and anti malware softwares
Frequently Asked Questions

How do I check what is my internet speed right now?
Answer: You can test your internet speed with our speed test tool above and you will be able to know your download and upload speed instantly and without any charge.

Is this site accurate and safe to test my internet speed online?
Answer: Yes, this site is compeletely safe and very accurate in determining the download and upload speed of your broadband internet connection. If you are not getting the right speed then you may follow our advice for a better internet performance.